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Losing Weight: Questions for the doctor

Losing weight is never easy. Talk to your doctor or nurse about how to lose weight in a healthy way that’s right for you.


What do I ask the doctor?

It helps to write down questions for the doctor or nurse ahead of time. Print out this list of questions and take it with you to your appointment. You may want to ask a family member or close friend to go with you to take notes.

    • How does my weight affect my health?


    • Do I have a health problem that is causing me to be overweight?


    • How will losing weight help me?


    • What is a healthy weight for me?


    • How much weight do I need to lose?


    • How long should it take me to lose weight?


    • What are healthy ways to lose weight and keep it off?


    • How can I change my eating habits?


    • What kinds of physical activity do I need to do?


    • Could a weight-loss program help me?


    • What type of weight-loss program would you recommend for me?